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The Mission is simple: HELP GRIEVING INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE LOST A LOVED ONE TO VIOLENCE OR ANY LOSS TO SURVIVE. There is so much to the process, so much need involved. Some don't know how to go on, how to find normalcy, wonder if living is worthwhile. Some have monetary issues. Some just need a hand to hold during Court proceedings. 
That is why Surviving Parents is a part of the Coalition For Crime Victims and  is recognized by both the Beaumont Detective Department and the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office. They understand the need for what we do and why we have chosen to do it.  Surviving Parents of SETX offers positive grief coping mechanisms, peer to peer interactions, grief counseling for individuals, which includes psychiatrist/clinicians/therapist/and counselors, financial assistance for funerals/repass, medication assistance, grief programs and events, fun activities and outings, a food pantry, clothing and household items assistance, along with referrals to needed charitable agencies.

Surviving Parents has both a Certified Grief Counselor and a Licensed Certified  Grief Coach who can provide private sessions to individuals, family, and group counseling. Please don't hesitate to ask for this help if it is needed.



The ultimate goal is for the victim and their loved ones to receive JUSTICE! Surviving Parents of Southeast Texas will be the support and encouragement for those involved as they embark on what can be an exhausting and complicated path in their journey for JUSTICE.


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